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 UL/FM Gate Valves,Resilient Wedge,14"-24", Ductile Iron,Class150,AWWA C515 

​​ UL/FM Gate Valves Class 150 -Raised Face -Flat Face conform to the latest version of AWWA Standard C-515 covering Resilient Seated  gate Valves  for  Water Supply Service.UL/FM Gate Valves has the highest UL/FM Gate Valves Class 150 water working Pressure  (14”-24” sizes)

​All models of FireWall UL/FM Gate Valves  come in a UL listed and FM approved version.The resilient wedge, ductile iron gate valve features Class 125 flange, flat face end connections for easy installation and accessibility. Outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) Gate valves are recommended when positive shutoff and a quick visual indicator of open/closed position is required.

​ FireWall UL/FM Gate Valves ductile iron Gate valve provides full flow with minimal pressure drop. FireWall flange, ductile iron, UL/FM Gate Valves is designed to be the main control valve in an automatic fire sprinkler system

  • The FireWall UL/FM Gate Valves  shall have a Ductile iron body, bonnet and wedge. The wedge shall be totally encapsulated with rubber.

  • The sealing rubber shall be permanently bonded to the wedge to meet ASTM tests for rubber metal bond ATSM D429.

  • Valves shall be supplied with O-Ring seals at all joints. No flat gaskets shall be allowed.

  • UL/FM Gate Valves Class 150 shall be either non-rising or rising stem, opening by turning (left, right,) and provided with 2" square operating nut or a handwheel with the "Open" and an arrow cast in the metal to indicate the direction to open.

  • Stems for NRS assemblies shall be cast bronze with integral collars in full compliance with AWWA. UL/FM Gate Valves (rising stems) shall be of bronze. All UL/FM Gate Valves stems shall operate with bronze stem nuts, independent of stem (in NRS valves). Stainless steel stems or stem nuts are not allowed. NRS stems shall have 2 O-Rings located above thrust collar and one O-Ring below. All UL/FM Gate Valves stem O-Rings shall be replaceable with valve fully opened and subjected to full pressure. The NRS stems shall also have 2 low torque thrust bearings located above and below stem collar to reduce friction during operation.

  • Waterway shall be smooth, unobstructed and free of all pockets, cavities and depressions in the seat area. UL/FM Gate Valves shall accept a full size tapping cutter.

  • Size 2-1/2" to 24"




UL/FM Gate Valves.png
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