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  UL / FM Grooved Butterfly Valves

 UL/FM Grooved Butterfly Valves


FireWall Valves UL/FM Grooved Butterfly Valves are made to the highest quality

standards in the industry ,Valve pressure rating 300 psi wwp,

EPDM encapsulated ductile iron disc Stainless steel stem with metal bushings

UL/ULC Listed, FM Approved Grooved Butterfly Valves for Indoor and Outdoor Service

Size range :2-1/2" to 12"

Fire Protection UL/FM Grooved Butterfly Valves UL Listed, FM Approved •Design Standard: API609 •Connection Ends: Groove to AWWA C606 ,UL/FM Grooved Butterfly Valves with tamper Switch .

These valves have been designed with minimum flow restriction and pressure loss when in a fully open position. To reduce the risk of a water hammer UL/FM Grooved Butterfly Valves are provided with a slow close hand wheel operated gearbox.


 FireWall Valves UL/FM Grooved Butterfly Valves Ductile iron is designed specifically to meet the

requirements of automatic sprinkler systems.


  • Specifications

  • Size : 2 1/2" Through 12"

  • Working Press. : 300 Psi

  • Max. Test Press. : 600 Psi

  • Working Temp. : 250F (120°C)

  • Factory Installed UL Approved Tamper Switch.

  • Material

  • Body : Ductile Iron, Nylon-11 Coated.

  • Body : Ductile Iron, EPDM Encapsulated

  • Disc : AL-Bronze, Ductile Iron, Ni-Cr Plated Encapsulated.

  • Stem : Stainless Steel, Hardened & Tempered






UL/FM Grooved Butterfly Valves
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