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UL/FM Butterfly Valves -Wafer-Grooved-Lug -FireWall Valves

UL/FM Butterfly Valves-Wafer-Grooved-Lug type-Fire Protection


FireWall Valves UL/FM Butterfly Valves are made to the highest quality

standards in the industry ,UL/FM Butterfly Valves pressure rating 300 psi wwp,

EPDM encapsulated ductile iron disc Stainless steel stem with metal bushings

UL/FM Butterfly Valves for Indoor and Outdoor Service

Size range UL/FM Butterfly Valves :2-1/2" to 12"

UL Listed / FM Approved Butterfly Valves with Built-In Gear Box and Supervisory (Tamper)  

Switch UL / FM Butterfly Valves

 FireWall Valves UL/FM Butterfly Valves -Wafer-Grooved-Lug type is designed specifically

to meet the requirements of automatic sprinkler systems.

UL/FM Butterfly valves with Gear Operator and Switches.

UL/FM Butterfly valves shall be rated for use at the maximum working service pressure of 300 psi. 


  • Specifications

  • Size : 2 1/2" Through 12"

  • Working Press. : 300 psi

  • Max. Test Press. : 600 psi

  • Working Temp. : 250F (120°C)

  • Factory Installed UL Approved Tampered Switch.

  • Material

  • Body : Ductile Iron, Nylon-11 Coated.

  • Body : Ductile Iron, EPDM Encapsulated

  • Disc : AL-Bronze, Ductile Iron, Ni-Cr Plated Encapsulated.

  • Stem : Stainless Steel, Hardened & Tempered















UL/FM Butterfly Valves-Wafer-Grooved-Lug
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