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UL/FM Post Indicator Valves,Indicator Post,PIV,Upright,Vertical,Fire Protection

FireWall Valves UL/FM Post Indicator Valves It is used to identify the position of buried Gate Valves UL/FM Post Indicator Valves and is recommended for use in fire protection piping systems. It consists of four components, the Post, Telescoping Pipe, Base, and Stem. UL/FM Post indicator Valves It is adjustable to accommodate valve bury depths from 3 feet to 8 feet.

FireWall Valves UL/FM Post Indicator Valves provide the reliable way of operating a buried or inaccessible Gate Valve for opening and
closing purpose. UL/FM Post Indicator Valves are available in various sizes, to meet the various trench depths. Also, FireWall
Post Indicator Valves feature few working parts, and visible confirmation the valve is open or closed. 
This UL/FM Post indicator Valves come with an L shaped handle which can be Fitted with a secure lock for UL/FM Post Indicator Valves.

UL/FM Post Indicator Valves are designed to operate the control valve of an automatic fire sprinkler system.

UL/FM Post indicator Valves is an upright type for operating non-rising stem gate valves in buried service. Indicators posts display the disposition (open/shut) of the gate valve below from a distance and are required on NRS gate valves in buried sprinkler service. UL/FM Post Indicator Valves feature height adjust ability to varying bury depths. They are Underwriters Listed and FM Approved for fire protection systems.


Field Adjustment:


1. Remove the top section from the top of the UL/FM Post Indicator Valves assembly.


2. Cut the required stem length and adjust the Standpipe to match up the ground line.


3. Set the “OPEN” and “SHUT” targets for the appropriate valve size.


4. Reattach the top section to the top of the Indicator Post assembly.​



UL/FM Post Indicator Valves-FireWall
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