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UL/FM Alarm Check Valves - Model F - 250 PSI-Wet System Valves - Water Motor Gong

  • UL/FM Alarm Check Valves Ductile Iron material to ASTM - A536

  • Flanged x Flanged, Grooved x Grooved and Grooved x Flanged available

  • Rated for maximum 17.5 Bar (250 PSI) operating pressure

  • UL/FM Alarm Check Valves Size: 3", 4", 6",8"

  • Variable Pressure Trim with Retard Chamber and Water Motor Gong

  • Constant Pressure Trim available as an option

  • UL/FM Alarm Check Valves Epoxy painted internally & externally

  • UL Listed and FM Approved

UL/FM Water Motor Alarm Gong

  • Hydraulically operated mechanical bell used along with fire protection system valves

  • Corrosion resistant Aluminium alloy material, epoxy coated all over

  • Wall mounted or direct online mounting type

  • UL Listed and FM Approved

UL/FM Retard Chamber For Variable Pressure Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems 250 PSI

  • Retard Chamber is a surge tank that reduces the possibility of false alarms due to water supply pressure surges.

  • It has a high-strength, ductile iron body and is designed for use Alarm Check Valves

  • The body is painted inside and outside for increased corrosion Resistance.

  • UL Listed and FM Approved

UL/FM Alarm Check Valve
UL/FM Water Motor Alarm Gong
UL/FM Retard Chamber
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