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UL/FM Grooved Check Valves ,Model F-707-U, Fire Protection Valves, Twin Disc


UL/FM Grooved Check Valves - Ductile Iron Body with EPDM Seat


UL/FM Grooved check Valves Working Pressure 300 PSI


All grooved dimensions comply with AWWA C606 standard.


Also available in flanged end configuration.


UL/FM Grooved check valves may be installed in horizontal positions or vertical with flow moving up .


UL/FM Grooved check valves reduces noise for quiet operation. UL/FM Grooved Check valves prevent backflow by automatically closing when fluid reverses direction. The UL/FM Grooved check valves is recommended for automatic fire sprinkler applications where space is a premium.


Size: 2" -12"

FireWall grooved end check valves are UL listed and FM approved and very suitable for use in building riser pipes and sprinkler systems for fire protection.

FireWall Grooved Check Valve features a heavy-duty ductile iron exterior with corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior for backflow prevention in water-based systems, including fire sprinklers and standpipes



UL-FM Grooved-check-valve-Dual Plate-Check Valves
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