UL/FM Grooved Check Valves ,Model F-707-U, Fire Protection Valves, Twin Disc


UL/FM Grooved Check Valves - Ductile Iron Body with EPDM Seat


UL/FM Grooved check Valves Working Pressure 300 PSI


All grooved dimensions comply with AWWA C606 standard.


Also available in flanged end configuration.


UL/FM Grooved check valves may be installed in horizontal positions or vertical with flow moving up .


UL/FM Grooved check valves reduces noise for quiet operation. UL/FM Grooved Check valves prevent backflow by automatically closing when fluid reverses direction. The UL/FM Grooved check valves is recommended for automatic fire sprinkler applications where space is a premium.


Size: 2" -12"



UL-FM Grooved-check-valve-Dual Plate-Check Valves