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UL/FM Wall Indicator Post-Wall Post-Indicator Post-Valves




FireWall UL/FM indicator post is a wall type for operating non-rising stem gate valves. Indicators posts display the disposition (open/shut) of the gate valve behind a wall from a distance and are required on NRS gate valves in sprinkler service. These posts are Underwriters Listed and FM Approved for fire protection systems.

UL / FM Wall Indicator Post is UL Listed / FM Approved. Heavy Duty Post used to operate a post indicator valve installed behind a wall. NFPA 24 .UL/FM Wall post indicators are available in three fixed lengths. The handwheel can be locked to make the valves tamper proof, and the FireWall UL/FM Wall post indicators have a pre-cast threaded boss for mounting a supervisory switch,UL/FM WALL POST INDICATOR.

They are used to operate a post indicator valve (PIV) which is not accessible. There is an open / shut indicator window which will indicate if the PIV is open or closed. The handwheel can be secured with a chain and padlock to prevent unauthorized operation of the valve.UL/FM Wall indicator posts are designed to operate the control valve of an automatic fire sprinkler system.





Specifications ​  


  • Indicates if valve is in open or shut position ​

  • Used to operate a valve installed behind a wall ​

  • With a 12” OD post flange to mount on a wall ​

  • Operated by handwheel ​

  • Can be supplied to open Left or Right ​

  • UL Listed/FM Approved ​


Field Adjustment ​


  • Remove the Top Section from the top of the Indicator Post assembly ​

  • Reattach the Top Section to the top of the Indicator Post assembly. ​

  • Set the “OPEN” and “SHUT” targets for the appropriate valve siz   e​







UL/FM Wall Indicator Post
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