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​UL/FM Swing Check Valves,Wafer,Grooved ,Check Valves-300 PSI – Iron Fire Protection



UL/FM Swing Check Valves ,Wafer,Grooved are designed and manufactured in conformance

with AWWA C508 STANDARD and are for use on water, oil and gas lines. Under certain

circumstances where it is desirable to have more positive control of the closing of the disc

the valves can be supplied with either lever-and-spring or lever-and-weight.

  • FireWall UL/FM Swing Check Valves Class 150 Flange end connections,

  • 300 PSI/20.7 bar non-shock water working pressure (WWP), Iron body 

  • bronze mounted trim (IBBM), Bolted bonnet, Renewable seat and disc

  • All sizes tapped ¾” at location “C” for ball drip assembly, Flanged end connections

  • UL/FM Swing Check Valves Conforms to AWWA C508 STANDARD

  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories of US and FM Approved 

  • UL/FM Swing Check ValvesSize range 2” to 12”  

  • UL/FM Swing Check Valves are for use where backflow is to be prevented .

  • UL/FM Swing Check Valves Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated, Interior and Exterior

  •  to AWWA C550 .

  • UL listed, FM approved Swing check valves are of the gravity operated, swing check design. They are rugged in construction and simple in design, allowing for removal of all parts through the top of the valve for inspection or replacement without removing the valve from the line .

  •  FireWall UL/FM Swing check valves are bossed on both sides of the body for connecting by-passes and have a drain plug at the bottom under the inlet end for attaching a drain valve, and are available with either rubber or bronze disc facings.


UL/FM Swing Check Valves -Flanged x Flanged


UL/FM Swing Check Valves.JPG
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