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UL/FM LUG Butterfly Valves ,Ductile Iron , Fire Protection,FireWall Valves 

  • UL/FM Lug butterfly valves is designed specifically to meet the rigorous requirements of automatic sprinkler systems. The unique EPDM molded-in seat liner with ductile iron disc provides bubble-tight shutoff at rated pressure. UL/FM Lug Butterfly valves are installed and monitored in fire protection applications where they remain in the normally closed position. A typical application would be fire pump test bypass lines. With the internal stem/disc geometric drive design there is no need for pins or bolts that may create leak paths or turbulence in the waterway , UL/FM Lug Wafer Butterfly Valve Manually Gear Operated with Tamper Switch, is UL Listed, FM Approved .UL/FM Lug butterfly valves is classified as a fire protection control valve that are Underwriters Laboratories listed and FM Approved
  • UL/FM Lug butterfly Valves pressure rating 300 PSI

  • Lug style

  • EPDM molded-in seat liner

  • Designed for normally closed position monitoring

  • Ductile iron disc

  • Stainless steel stem with copper bushings

  • Geometric drive

  • Extended neck

  • Operating mechanism: Manual gear operator

  • UL/FM Lug butterfly Valves UL/ULC Listed

  • UL/FM Lug butterfly Valves FM Approved

  • UL Listed for Indoor and Outdoor Service

  • Conforms to MSS SP-67

  • UL/FM Lug butterfly valves Size range 2½” to 12”

ULFM Lug Butterfly Valves
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